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Shiny Brite

Shiny Brite Nativity

Product Number: 55-1005
Composition: Plastic
Pieces: 1

Max Eckardt founded Shiny Brite in 1937. The company partnered with Corning to produce hand decorated glass ornaments. In the late 1950's the American made line was supplemented with ornaments from Japan. Max Eckardt died in 1961 and Poloron bought the Shiny Brite name in 1971. Poloron closed it's doors in 1981. Christopher Radko acquired the Shiny Brite name in the late 1990s and started selling reproductions in 2001.

I am not sure when the plastic nativities were brought from Hong Kong. They do not bear the Pololron logo, so perhaps before 1971. They are easy to find on the secondary market, and appear in different colors and sizes. The can also be seen with palm trees instead of fir trees. This particular nativity is around two inches tall. Larger nativities (3-4 inches) are more common.

Shiny Brite - Box Front

Box Front

Shiny Brite - Box Bottom

Box Bottom

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