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In memory of Jacob, who I still see in the most unexpected of places.

Jacob as Frodo
Jacob as Frodo
Halloween 2003

I see you in the Shire, laughing and carefree, and in Mordor, wishing you did not have the burden that fate chose for you to carry.

I see you on Platform 9¾, carrying a hidden ache, but embracing your future; in Hogwarts, both awkward and brave, a fierce and loyal friend.

I see you in Bern, sarcastic but funny, braver than your size would indicate, teaching others to tame dragons with love instead of anger.

I see you in Battle School, refusing to play by the rules, always allowing your own moral compass to guide you; in Dragon Army, sometimes lonely, yet always encouraging and welcoming to the unwanted.

I see you in Wonderland, alternately silly and wise, scared and courageous, elated and anguished.

You have stolen my heart, and not a day shall pass that I won’t miss your smile.

Sunday Quote

Love you Buddy. See you on Sunday.

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