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Pressell's Florist Thermometer

Pressell's Florist Thermometer

Date: 1942-59
Artist: Unknown
Composition: Plaster of Paris, Paper
Pieces: 1

The paper backing on this piece shows Copyright 1937, most likely for the nativity artwork shown on the thermometer. There is also a U.S. patent number which details the construction of the plaque using plaster of Paris and ornamental paper. The patent was applied for on June 15, 1940. The application was submitted by Erwin Reach, Hoboken, N.J., assignor to Jacob Firstenberg, doing business as Universal Importing Co., New York, N. Y., Serial No. 340,644. The Patent was granted on October 13, 1942. This patent does not appear to have been renewed. Most likely this item dates between 1942, when the patent was granted, and 1959, when the patent would have expired.

Pressell's Florist Thermometer Copyright

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